Give a Hoot!

Fundraiser for Wildlife Preserve – Featuring Live Owls – at Purdy’s Friday, November 5

It’s the season for Halloween and Dia de Muertos but instead of pumpkin pie and sugary candy, Saratoga’s own, One With Life Organic Tequila (OWL) is hosting a fundraiser/tequila sampling with real live owls at Purdy’s (70-72 Congress Street) from 4 to 6 pm on Friday, November 5th.

Along with tasting customers on sample Apple Cider Margaritas, One With Life Organic Tequila has collaborated with Whispering Willow Wildcare in a trilogy (two were done pre-covid) to raise money and awareness for rescue owls and birds of prey that reside in the Schenectady sanctuary at Whispering Willow Wildcare.

The owls in residence who will appear at Purdy’s include Jasper, a Barred Owl who has a shoulder injury after being hit by a car, and Lucy, a Barn Owl who has her wing partially amputated after being struck by a car.  Lucy came here via Delta Airlines from Utah.  

If you can’t make the fundraiser but would like to donate, go to their or send a check to Whispering Willow Wildcare at 3558 Carmen Road, Schenectady, NY 12303.

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