Pups Prance for Preservation on a Picture Perfect Day

Rockstar Pup Leo made a Brief Celebrity Appearance.

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Alliteration aside, there is nothing like that first crisp fall day of the year, when you bust out the fleece and the fuzzy socks. Unless, that is, if you are fully fur loaded by default.

Either way, such a first day arrived in Saratoga Springs on Sunday, October 17 – a tad later than we are used to here, but always welcome. A perfect day for a stroll, and no better place to do it than along North Broadway, as a nice contingent of canines, accompanied by their people, all learned about the nuances, nooks, crannies, and historic elements that make up that street’s most interesting abodes, on a tour led by the Saratoga Springs Preservation foundations Executive Director, Samantha Bosshart.

Trust me, I could continue to wax poetic about this perfect day for quite some time. But let’s face it, we know why your here. It’s for the animal pics! I’m hardly offended, I took them as well.

So enjoy the gallery – and pop over to the Preservation Foundation’s WEBSITE for other tours and interesting events.

Arthur Gonick – October 18, 2021

Gallery: North Broadway goes to the Dogs!

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