A Sweet Move!

Saratoga Candy Co. to Take a Small Trip Around the Corner to Broadway

Since 1998, Saratoga Candy Co has inhabited 5 Washington St in downtown Saratoga Springs. Starting this November, the Spa City sweet institution will move around the corner to 353 Broadway underneath the Salt and Char restaurant. The owners of the building are graciously providing the Candy Co a temporary space as they redevelop the existing 5 Washington property. Upon completion, the building owners will provide a new spot for this local treasure on Washington St.

While the space on Broadway is new and exciting, it is too small to hold a kitchen that the Candy Co. requires – however, customers need not worry! All items will be made down the street in cooperation with The Adelphi Hotel’s professional kitchen at 41 Washington St.

Although Saratoga Candy Co. Owner Dawn Oesch is sad to lose the space she has loved for so long, she is thankful that the new building landlords (from The Adelphi Hotel) are considerate of her little neighborhood shop in all their plans/future. Starting her 24th year on July 1, 2021, Dawn is excited to be able to keep the consistency that locals and tourists alike have known and loved throughout the years including their signature fresh fudge, chocolates, nostalgic candies, and of course, one of the main homes to the iconic “Peppermint Pig”.

A “candy train” of friends and family will help move Saratoga Candy Co. around the corner (which is only 32 steps away!) as soon as they get the go ahead from their new landlords. (Estimated anytime between Nov 1-15.) Stay tuned…

You KNOW they love a Parade!

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