SRO @ BBQ for TRF!

Saratoga Winery Hosts Family-Friendly Event to Benefit Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Abundant sunshine, warm hearts, and an excellent cause provided all the appetite stimulus needed for a good ol’ All-American BBQ on Tuesday Evening, August 24. The family-friendly event, “BBQ at the Barn” was hosted by The Saratoga Winery, with proceeds benefitting Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF).

Sold out well in advance, the proceedings completely overflowed from the Winery’s Barn, throughout the restaurant, and cascaded out onto the backyard area. There, attendees were greeted by mini-horses, face painting opportunities, and music from Saratoga’s own Jeff Walton. Good times from end to end!

According to TRF’s Director of Major Gifts & Planned Giving, Kim Weir (above, center) about “…$2,500 covers the cost of one horse in our herd for one year.” Based on my informal scanning of the bidding on tonight’s silent auction items alone, several retired thoroughbreds are going to be well taken care of – far into the foreseeable future.

When the totals are finalized, we’ll be updating this post with the happy number. In the meantime, dig into this gallery – and visit TRF’s WEBSITE for more information as to how to become part of their herd!

Arthur Gonick – August 27, 2021

Gallery: BBQ @ the Barn

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