It’s DINO-mite!

UPH’s Exhibit – “Dinosaurs in Motion” Brings Science and Art Together For STEAM Learning and Family Fun

Say Hello to My Little Friends!

{{Editor’s Note: UPH is requiring masks for this exhibit. Up until September 9, UPH will be open from 10 a.m. with the last admittance at 4 p.m. every day except for Wednesday. Beginning September 9, they will keep the same hours, but open Thursdays thru Sundays The exhibit will be available thru October 17, and tickets may be purchased HERE, or at their box office (25 Washington Street).}} – AG

SARATOGA SPRINGS – OK, first there is the cool factor…

For that, It’s hard to beat the spectacle of a life-sized, anatomically correct T-Rex absolutely dominating the great hall of UPH. And this is only one of 14 fully interactive, recycled life-size metal dinosaur sculptures by Master Artist John Payne, which were inspired by actual fossils, and that are spread out over two floors.

The interactive portion is accomplished by a series of levers, pulleys and remote electronics. What makes this exhibit unique is that the guests are given the controls. In other words, the dinosaurs are moving because of you! Along the way, there is enough STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) knowledge imparted to gladden the heart of any teacher or parent, and certainly to stimulate the brains of any young person – but really, of any age.

Going into this, when I first read the details about what was being offered, I thought that this would be a slam-dunk for any school group, scout troop, or campers on a rainy day. I decided to put this to the test, though, by eschewing the designated ‘media day’ and instead visit the dinos with my two young friends Zoe and Teagan, who hit the bulls-eye here for the concept of “target demographic.”

They were, to say the least – all over it! Even though UPH had plenty of people available to explain the nuances of the levers, these two figured things out on their own, and quickly….

…which is probably due to the same reasons why you hand them your iPhone to straighten out when the programs start acting wonky – but I digress….

Yes, a tail can be a necklace, and all is right in the world!

Some more, official, descriptive verbiage from Proctors Collective appears below, but first let’s take a brief side trip to meet all our new prehistoric friends:

Gallery: Dinosaurs in Motion – Universal Preservation Hall

Dinosaurs in Motion is an amazing blend of science, art and innovation. The life-sized metal sculptures captivate visitors while their exposed mechanics illustrate science and technology principles in a fun and engaging way. The exhibition weaves the science, art and innovation themes throughout and touches on each of these educational topics at each sculpture. The art portions highlight sketching, drawing, and sculpting; the science segments explore kinetics, biomechanics, and robotics; and the innovation areas encourage observing and experimenting.

The visitor is taken on a highly interactive apprentice’s path that follows the story of the master artist, John Payne. The exhibition’s narrative is reinforced with experiential learning, as every dinosaur is available for visitors to touch and move. Visitors will have the unique ability to manipulate dinosaurs via lever and pulley systems, as well as with remote controls, offering large-scale dinosaur interaction unprecedented in a museum setting. Additionally, visitors will be able to test out their own artistic creativity and newfound technological inspiration with hands-on activities at the Innovation Stations, where they can create a variety of art and science projects of their own!

The moving, human element to the exhibition lies in the story of the artist, John Payne, who truly is the heart of Dinosaurs in Motion. Through video and interactive activities, visitors will walk away with Payne’s inspiring message: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” The exhibition is one that inspires guests to learn, discover and create!

“Dinosaurs in Motion is the most unique dinosaur exhibition touring right now. No other exhibition using the dinosaur brand offers this level of interactivity in the areas of STEAM,” said Tom Zaller, CEO and President of Imagine Exhibitions. “We are excited to present these incredible works of art in a tactile way that really speaks to the most important educational topics in our culture.”

$25 for Adults
$15 for Children 17 & under
Children 2 and under free
Group rates are available; contact the box office 10 a.m.-2 p.m. weekdays for details.

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