Siro’s Cup: Once Again, With Feeling!

The 2020 honorees return for another bow, as the Center for Disability Services’ Anne Costigan (L) is ecstatic to welcome back Tiz the Law’s connections: Sackatoga Stables’ Managing Partner Jack Knowlton, Assistant Trainer Robin Smullen, and Trainer Barclay Tagg.
Sackatoga’s many partners fill the stage.
Siro’s Chef Tom Dillon and Marylou Whitney were both honored posthumously.

SARATOGA SPRINGS – A story I often prayed to be able to write someday, materialized before me at Saratoga’s traditional kickoff event to the racing season – the 28th annual Siro’s Cup – benefitting the Center for Disability Services (CFDSNY), on Wednesday, July 14th. Thanks to the outright miracle of vaccination and good timing, the Saratoga Racecourse is primed to enjoy a record season.

And it all starts here. The night before.

But to fully appreciate this night, one must take a moment. A moment to attempt to grasp just how far we have come.

Less than one year ago, I had the privilege and honor of attending a ceremony (see the link HERE) that was also named Siro’s Cup, but the only thing it shared was the name: No music, no crowds, no whoop-de-doop at all – just tending to the flame of commitment. And though I left that evening feeling “…better about the future than I had in months…” I had no idea that this day would come again, nor that it would come so soon.

I’m not complaining, of course, nor did I see any of the celebrants doing so. It might have been a somewhat smaller gathering than some years, but that is a matter of degree. I’d call it pleasantly full – not Tokyo rush hour full. But it also seemed that the servers and bartenders were better able to take care of the people they had.

And, not getting elbowed in the ribs 22 times while backing up, trying to get an entire large group in a shot does have its advantages…

About the only suggestion I would make is to bring back the live band, but that was probably a residual leftover from earlier COVID restrictions; restrictions which happily may now be (mostly) viewed in the rear-view mirror.

I am, above all, most grateful that I got to see this day, and to share with so many friends such joy! Enjoy this gallery, and the rest of your summer!

Arthur Gonick – July 17, 2021

Gallery: 2021 Siro’s Cup

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