Tip-off Challenge Tips Off!

Saratoga County Accepts Challenge to ‘Out-Largesse’ Albany and Schenectady

Photo: Annie Spratt – Unsplash

[[Editor’s Note: Albany and Schenectady might have more people, but there is no doubt that Saratogians have the biggest hearts! Let the tipping and (good natured) trash-talking begin! – AG]]

CAPITAL REGION – Discover Albany, Discover Saratoga, and Discover Schenectady have come together to create a new challenge for Capital Region residents to support locally owned restaurants. The first ever Tri-County Tip-Off Challenge will run from now to June 30. At the end of the month, the county with the most tips wins.

Residents can participate by dining at their favorite Capital Region restaurants throughout the month of June. After dining, a photo of their receipt and the tip that was left can be uploaded on each counties’ website submission page to be counted towards the counties’ total tips. Participating residents will be entered to win one of 3 prize baskets worth a total of $300. The losing counties’ visitor bureau will also have to dine at a resturant in the winning county and post about it on their social media.

Participants are also encouraged to spread the word by posting on social media using #TriCountyTipOff, #LoveAlbanyRestaurants, #SavorSaratoga, and #schenectadEATS.

Photo: Sam Dan Truong – Unsplash

To submit a receipt for dining in Saratoga County, visit discoversaratoga.org/events/tri-county-tip-off-challenge.

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