Permanently Protected!

Saratoga PLAN conserves Hanehan Family Dairy Lands – 174 Acres of Farmland

The Hanehan Family

SARATOGA PLAN – Saratoga PLAN has permanently protected 174 acres of the Hanehan Family Dairy in the Town of Saratoga. The conservation of this fertile farmland means it will be forever available for farming and is protected from conversion to non-farm uses.

The land boasts numerous conservation assets. Productive soils grow feed and graze cows and calves, woodlands and wetlands serve as wildlife habitat, and the farmland itself acts as an excellent rainwater capture system, replenishing groundwater and preventing flooding. Additionally, by conserving their farmland, the Hanehans are not only helping to ensure access to local food supply but are also keeping the rural scenery of Saratoga intact.

The conserved lands consist of two parcels: one owned by Charles and Barbara Hanehan, the other by Clifford and Kathleen Hanehan. In the Town of Saratoga, the Hanehan Family Dairy farms 2,100 hundred acres of crops, milks 700 cows and raises 600 stock.

“Our passion and motivation for the preservation of this beautiful property translates to deep roots, love of the land, open space and family legacy,” said Charlie and Barbara Hanehan.

Conserving the productive Hanehan Family Dairy honors not only the land, but also the tightly knit fabric of the family farming business.

“The Hanehan family has been farming in Saratoga County since the 1800’s,” said Clifford Hanehan. “The 5th generation is now running the dairy operation. Preserving this valuable land resource will guarantee it stays available for future generations to follow their agricultural legacy.”

The Hanehan family has deep roots in local agriculture, with five generations of active dairy farmers in the Town of Saratoga. Twelve family members currently work for the Hanehan Family Dairy, which also has an operation in Mount Upton, NY. Between the two locations, the Dairy farms 3,500 acres of crops and produces 10.5 million gallons of milk a year.

The Dairy has been named a New York State Dairy of Distinction and has won the Super Milk Quality Award from Agri-Mark for over 20 years.

In addition to a dairy operation, the Hanehan family also runs seasonal pumpkin stands. What began as a colorful road-side shop at their Saratoga location in 1991 has since expanded to the Mount Upton farm as well. The popular fall pop-ups sell over 50 varieties of pumpkins and squash in a family-friendly setting.

“Our three sons and one daughter are all actively involved in the farm. We are proud to watch them carry the torch into the future for hopefully their families as well,” said Barbara Hanehan.

“PLAN is honored that the Hanehan Family chose to work with us to protect some of their farmland. These projects further the goal of keeping a viable farm industry in the core farming areas of Saratoga County,” said Michael Horn, Conservation Director for Saratoga PLAN.

Funding to protect this farmland came from the Dairy Transitions Farmland Protection Initiative administered by the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Saratoga PLAN is a nonprofit land trust that preserves the rural character, natural habitats and scenic beauty of Saratoga County so that these irreplaceable assets are accessible to all and survive for future generations. For more information, call 518-587-5554, or visit

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