Brewnited They Stand!


(L to R) Anita Daly, Chair, Saratoga County Capital Resource Corporation, Ray O’Conor, CEO, Saratoga County Capital Resource Corporation, Charlie Usas, Owner, The Barrelhouse, Max Oswald, We Are Brewnited, Todd Shimkus, Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce

SARATOGA COUNTY – On Thursday March 4, The Saratoga County Capital Resource Corporation today made a $1,000 donation to We Are Brewnited, which provides grants to tipped employees, and a second $1,000 donation to expand the Give to Dine program organized by the Saratoga County Chamber’s Foundation. With these two donations, the organization has now donated $22,000 to support COVID 19 relief efforts in Saratoga County.

Prior to these donations, the Saratoga County Capital Resource Corporation had donated funds to the Franklin Community Center, the Saratoga County Economic Opportunity Council, the Moreau Community Center, and the Mechanicville Area Community Center. The organization had also contributed to the Chamber’s Save Our Locals campaign which continues to promote local small businesses with boosted posts on social media.

“With these funds, we will be able to reopen our online portal and to provide direct financial support to local tipped workers who have lost their job or lost wages as a result of COVID 19,” said Max Oswald, who set up We Are Brewnited nearly one year ago. “We’ve been able to help families to pay rent, to purchase food, and to help them survive this pandemic. Tipped workers can visit and apply for funds. We made it very easy so that we can get local people the help they need right away.”

The Saratoga County Foundation will use the funds from the CRC to expand a Give To Dine program started in Malta to support restaurants and families in Schuylerville, Mechanicville and Corinth. “The Saratoga County Capital Resource Corporation continues to lead the way in helping us to support small businesses impacted by the pandemic,” said Todd Shimkus. “With their support, we’ve been able to extend our Save Our Locals promotion and now to do the same with this Give to Dine program. We will be using these funds to purchase meals from a dozen local restaurants in these three communities that are provided for free to local families in need of food support.”

“We’re proud to support the work of all of these local community based impact sector organizations,” said Anita Daly, who Chairs the Saratoga County Capital Resource Corporation. “The innovation they’ve all shown to find ways to use these contributions to benefit local residents and small businesses is very impressive.”

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