‘Practice-a-Thon’ to Benefit SPAC and FCC

Saratoga Springs High School Jazz Ensemble performing at Freihofer’s Saratoga Jazz Festival in 2019.


The Saratoga High School and Middle School music program has taken a hit due to the hybrid model and having Band, Chorus and Orchestra class meet only every other week this year. Students also report being tired and less motivated during the pandemic.

As an effort to engage students and boost music practice at home, the music teachers have launched the first ever Practice-A-Thon from March 1-March 31.


Approximately 700 students (grades 6-12) will be participating — and are encouraged to seek monetary pledges for hours of practice during the month of March (i.e., $1-2 per hour of practice). Students will keep a practice record on their own or use Smartmusic, which keeps the practice minutes for them.

All funds that are raised will be donated to both the Franklin Community Center and SPAC.

“We are continuously inspired by the students and educators of Saratoga Springs CSD every time we have the privilege to witness their artistic achievements through our various partnerships and in-school arts programs,” says Dennis Moench, Senior Director of Education at SPAC. “And we feel truly honored to have been chosen by these same students to receive this incredible amount of support from their fundraising/music-making initiative.  Thank you for keeping the arts alive!”


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