Putting the HOME in Home Made Theater

Home Made Theater (HMT) in Saratoga Springs announces On The Air: A Series of Radio Melodramas Online. The series of three radio plays have all been adapted by D. Burgoyne O’Neill and include Fleecing the Flock by Beverly Baxter, The Cheesecake Factory  by Tammie Pogue, and Magic Merle’s Miracle Makeover Mush by Shauna Ratapu.

The series, directed by Dianne O’Neill, her assistant Terri Storti and stage managed by Christine O’Connell, features the talents of a repertory company of five hilarious local actors: Toni Anderson-Sommo, Ryan Palmer, Jennie Sinnott, PJ Sommo, and Terri Storti. Barry Streifert will be the Foley artist.

The crew rehearses via Zoom: Dianne O’Neill (Director) – top left
Christine O’Connell (Stage Manager) – top center
PJ Sommo (cast member) – top right
Toni Anderson-Sommo (cast member) – center left
Ryan Palmer (cast member) – center
Terri Storti (cast member) – center right
Jennie Sinnott (cast member) – bottom center

The series will be online starting with Fleecing the Flock Sunday, March 14 at 7 pm with new episodes on March 21 and 28, also at 7 pm. Each episode will be available on demand after its airdate and time.

This series of plays follows the format of classic radio melodramas. They are chock full of the key elements of Melodrama like word play and classic stock characters, such as dastardly villains, damsels in distress and dashing heroes. They will be presented in an online format rather than audio only, which opens a window into the creative process of these old-time classics.

 “We have all been craving the revival of theater and being part of the creative process once again. This event allows us to remind our audiences that we are still here, trying to find ways to safely get back to you, and we really need and miss you” said Eric Rudy, the General Manager for Home Made Theater. 

Home Made Theater is a non-profit Community Theater based in Saratoga Springs whose goal is to enrich the cultural life of the Capital Region and beyond by offering a range of programming created by professionally minded artists, providing the opportunity for exciting and rewarding participation in all aspects of theater created by and for the diverse community in which we live.

This is a virtual event that you can log into from the comfort of your own home on your schedule. The suggested minimum donation is $10 per episode or $25 for all three. For more information on how to access this online event visit www.homemadetheater.org or call 518-587-4427.

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