Bound for Glory!

Saratoga Gymnastics Goes For It Every Time

SARATOGA SPRINGS – The 12866’s Department of Superlatives has given up. This team has emptied the cupboard, and they are coming back for more….

In the past month since we last checked in on the mighty tumbling, leaping, and vaulting dynamo that is the Saratoga Gymnastics squad, all they did was what they always do: Blowing past everyone and smashing records in the process.

Seniors Ava Dallas and Sophia Damiano

During this latest run, seniors Sophia Damiano and Ava Dallas each took turns leading the team – winning the all-around score, setting records, breaking the records they just set… hence, the acute aforementioned platitude shortage.

Well, let’s us hope that more shipments of sobriquets are on their way, because folks, your 14-time consecutive undefeated duel meet winners are in championship drive once again.

Yes, Saratoga Gymnastics are back in action this afternoon, February 10th, as they host Bethlehem, Shaker and Guilderland for the annual All-Around meet at the Wilton YMCA.  The season ends on Sunday, February 14th, with the League Championship meet hosted by Shaker. 

Brady, schmady. We got your G.O.A.T. right here! You go, Ladies!

Arthur Gonick – February 10, 2021

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