Saratoga PLAN Rocks! Literally….

Search Saratoga PLAN Trails for Painted Rocks Starting Nov. 6 

Bog Meadow Green Trail. Photos courtesy of

SARATOGA COUNTY – Beginning Friday, November 6th, trail goers are invited to a scavenger hunt on select Saratoga PLAN trails to search for rocks with meaningful messages, taking home those that resonate with them. 

Palm-sized rocks painted with inspirational messages will be hidden along stretches of trails including: Hennig Preserve in the Town of Galway, Orra Phelps Preserve in the Town of Wilton, and Bog Meadow Brook Preserve in Saratoga Springs. Visitors are encouraged to search for the decorated rocks and collect ones they’d like to keep or gift to others. Rocks will not be hidden or placed more than 1 foot from the trail to protect the delicate vegetation. 

Hennig Preserve, Galway

“We wanted to offer an alternative and interactive way to engage with the trails,” says Alex Fylypovych PLAN’s community engagement manager.  “People find inspiration in so many ways. Some people find inspiration from walking in the woods or sitting by a stream. Others find it through art. With this project, we’re sort of combining the two.”  

Saratoga PLAN is asking people to take home painted rocks that mean the most to them. They can make great gifts, garden decorations, or serve as little reminders around the house. The project isn’t just a fun way to encourage community members to visit a trail, Fylypovych explains. “Sharing the message from your rock may reach someone else who could benefit from the uplifting note,” she says. Saratoga PLAN asks that any rocks collected be shared on social media using the hashtag #SaratogaPLANrocks and tagging @SaratogaPLAN. “Spread the inspiration and the joy,” says Fylypovych “We can all use some more positivity this year.”  

Orra Phelps Preserve, Wilton

The #SaratogaPLANrocks project was made possible by a collaboration between Saratoga PLAN (Preserving Land and Nature) and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. Regeneron’s annual Day For Doing Good pairs Regeneron employees with numerous Capital Region nonprofits to do good in the community. Over 50 Regeneron employees painted and hid over 100 rocks on participating Saratoga PLAN trails. 

The rock project was inspired by the nationwide Kindness Rock Project and the Block Island Glass Float Project.  

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