Gallery: Fourth Annual Saratoga Auto Auction

Saratoga Automobile Museum Doesn’t Miss a Beat!

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Different locale; same coolness….

I have to say that while there is something majestic about holding the Saratoga Auto Auction on the SPAC stage (the site of the first three that were hosted by the Saratoga Automobile Museum (SAM,)) there was a lot to be said for holding it in this well-ventilated, wide open area in the parking lot. For one thing, the many, many choice vehicles awaiting the gavel were closer by for potential purchasers to inspect, and for gawkers to drool over.

To me, even though the site was modified by necessity, it had the closest feel to a ‘real’ event than any I had attended since last March’s SPAC Winter Ball! And that is quite an achievement, for which everyone connected with SAM’s Fourth Annual Saratoga Auto Auction deserves the highest praise.

While current guidelines dictated that spectators could not attend, there were enough consigners and qualified buyers around, as well as a terrific assortment of mobile vendors (including long-time fave Pig Pit BBQ out of Cohoes and new fave The Tap Truck – a ’57 Chevy panel truck with four taps flowing – you kiddin’ me!) to mirror the ambience of “normal” life – which to this correspondent is more valuable and precious than ever.

Thank you, volunteers!

And, let us note for the record, that every safety protocol was in place to make this happen – my temperature was checked, my contact was traced – lotsa sanitizer and wipes, and masks on everywhere.

I hope you enjoy this gallery as much as I did shooting it. Hopefully, next year, you’ll be in the picture too!

Gallery: Fourth Annual Saratoga Auto Auction9/19/2020

Arthur Gonick – September 20, 2020

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