New Notes at SPAC

SARATOGA SPRINGS (Wed. 19 AUG) – Well, if this is to be 2020’s summer highlight, what a highlight it shall be…

Photos: Amy Ryan
…and Arthur Gonick

You were grabbed by the scruff of your collar, and invited to see all of this, and then invited to relax, and just hear.

Just hear.

Much to unpack – many new notes to consider… some, in progress…

Hello again, SPAC!

It certainly has been awhile…

AG: I’ll bat lead-off. I’m looking forward to Amy’s thoughts on the performance we heard tonight , both from technical and fan standpoints I am quite sure. But tonight, I’m going to talk about optimism.

First off – don’t we all need more of it now? Take a look at the pic above. And count the reasons…

I’d like to know, exactly – when it was that You last wore a mask to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center grounds – for any reason? Doubtful; and #1 reason…

On our walk to the performance, we were greeted by… well, to cut to the essence – enticing new structures.

Like this…

And then this…

So, this certainly qualifies as #2 reason…

And here’s #3….

I’m not quite sure, myself, Countess…. But when has that stopped me from venturing an opinion!

And here it is: Remember that optimism?

SPAC has certainly put it’s unplanned, idled summer to good use.

In so doing, they have guaranteed new, elevated perspectives to your experience – From end-to-end. Year round.

And, congrats at the same time – they Obliterated, and replaced bathrooms and concessions in the process.

Hmmm… Upgrades – in the summer of 2020, is that right?

I must conclude – that is right.

Folks, if SPAC can make that kind of commitment, of investment in themselves, during this time – then I see plenty of reason for optimism – in the 12866, and beyond.


Arthur Gonick – August 24, 2020

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