Australian Food in a Boston Shipyard!

{{Editors Note: I recently planned a trip to The Bay State, so I asked Boston-based food blogger Meghan Lavin to make a recommendation for a place to eat that only the locals might know; above and beyond the typical Yankee Pot Roast and Baked Scrod touristy joints that I seemed to dine at all the time during previous visits. I had a feeling she was going to take me off the Freedom Trail, but I didn’t know she was going to be sending me to the other side of the world, culinary-wise! It was so good I decided to share it with you! – AG}}

Meghan Lavin

BOSTON – Do you visit Boston from time to time, and scour Yelp reviews looking for things to do? Stopping by Paul Revere’s House is an obvious choice, but when it’s time to eat you might want to ditch Yelp and seek out something different – like a hidden restaurant in a shipyard.

That restaurant also happens to be Boston’s only Australian eatery.

Getting There: Driving to KO Pies

After you get your Freedom Trail fix, take the Sumner Tunnel across the channel and you’ll end up in East Boston. Nestled between Charlestown, Revere, and Boston’s downtown harbor, it’s the perfect off the beaten path dining location. “Eastie” is more eclectic than the typical touristy spots in downtown Boston, the streets are lined with Peruvian, Mexican, and Italian restaurants.

In under fifteen minutes, you can see one of Boston’s hidden attractions: the Aussie restaurant serving savory pies, fried seafood dishes and an assortment of sides.

You park along the street. Then, by foot, walk through the gates of the shipyard, where there’s a semi-official looking security booth you pass by. Once you get through the gates, you walk through an industrial park with warehouses on both sides. There’s barely any retail stores, so it feels as though you’re behind the scenes, or not meant to really be there.

This, of course, adds to the intrigue.

KO Pies: Hidden in the Shipyard

Keep walking, and you’ll see the partially indoor and outdoor restaurant, with picnic tables lined along the deck. There’s festive flags hanging from the ceiling, with signs teaching you that eating pies is a very delicate art.

The Menu: What to Order

The restaurant is famous for their pies. No, not your typical diner cherry pie that you eat with black coffee: these are savory pies, filled with meats, thick gravy and curried vegetables.

Beef Stew Pie!

Just what is an Australian pie made out of? According to their website, a KO pie is built like this: “A shortcrust base encases a five inch-round, delicious meat or vegetable filling under a crisp puff pastry top. It’s an all-natural, authentic Aussie offering of gourmet goodness.”

The menu has just enough choices to keep you interested, not enough to induce overwhelm. They have a classic beef pie, and a cheesy version of that. They also offer a beef stew pie, a braised lamb shank pie and a curried vegetable pie for the health conscious crowd. If you’re looking for something really over the top, go for the “Pie Floater”. It’s a pie of your choosing, covered in mashed potatoes, gravy, and peas.

Curried Vegetable Pies, Beef Stew, and Potato Salad

Then, choose your sides: popular options are the spicy potato wedges, served with sweet chili and sour cream. The potato salad is also far from ordinary and goes well with the beef pie. Another delicious, lighter option is the chickpea salad: it has feta cheese, green pepper, cucumber and cherry tomatoes in it with a light lemony olive oil based dressing. Pair it with the curried vegetable pie for a Mediterranean feel.

Let’s Eat! (But, where?)…

You can stay in the vicinity of KO Pies, opting to eat at one of their picnic tables. It’s semi-outdoors: there’s a covered deck, making it feel like you’re hanging out with your neighbors having a barbecue. It’s casual, simple, and no-frills.

Or, you can head to the nearby park down the street with the most spectacular views of the Boston skyline. There’s lush green spaces with picnic tables, a playground for the kids, and ample spots for photo ops.

If you’re in the Boston area, make sure you check out Boston’s only Australian restaurant!

Meghan Lavin is a writer, recipe curator, and a traveler with a love for anything spicy. Originally from Ireland, Meghan now lives in Boston, where she is always on the hunt for the next great foodie discovery! Check out her website or follow her on Instagram

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