The PLAN for Palmertown Range

Saratoga PLAN to release four-part mini-series

SARATOGA COUNTY -Today, June 15, Saratoga PLAN, in partnership with The Saratoga Film Academy and Open Space Institute, will release part one of a four-part film series about the Palmertown Range project.

This mini-series, with each episode lasting from three to seven minutes, takes you on a visual and informational journey. From the twisting woodland trails to the storefronts of local businesses situated near the Palmertown Range, viewers can expect to learn about the ways in which an integrated trail system will benefit conservation, recreation and economic development in the Saratoga County region. Here’s a trailer about the project:

“The Palmertown Range project is situated at the interface of rapidly expanding urban development and the natural landscape of the Adirondack Park. The Palmertown Range mini-series gives a really good overview of the unique opportunity to be purposeful and create a sustainable natural-urban transition,” says Wendy Mahaney, Palmertown Range Coordinator.

The first film is an overview of the vision for the Palmertown Range. Each subsequent film focuses on one of the key aspects of the plan – conservation, recreation, and economic development. “From protecting water quality to linked trail systems to maple sugaring, the series shows how conservation and various types of land use can be beneficially interwoven,” PLAN’s community engagement manager, Alex Fylypovych explains.  

Immerse yourself in the Palmertown Range and watch the potential unfold before you.

For more information, visit this page.

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