Positively Paula

… and the Vanquishing of Gloom and Doom

SARATOGA COUNTY – You know, life is a long race.

Often longer than we expect… which is why, in the race of life, so much early speed fades at the top of the stretch; and yet others learn to harness their energy, hitting their best stride later – overcoming whatever obstacles might have crossed their path along the way…

And today, I want to tout you on one such ‘Closer’: A closer coming ’round the far turn, gathering momentum like a freight train, with nothing but green signal lights ahead, as far as the eye can see…


Hopefully, you stop by this site for some type of positive perspective, this is what I always strive to do for my readers. I certainly could write about other things, but I want to give you the best news of the day. Especially now.

That’s my goal with this site – Every time I sign on. Every time.

For today anyone, in our media landscape, can present gloom and doom.

It’s pretty easy pickings, frankly, and look at how many are doing just that!

Why, gloom and doom is a growth industry, friends, even in this crappy economy. All neatly summarized and segmented for you in things like Google News. Portion-controlled for maximum mental and/or digestive distress.

Against this landscape, only a few try to create a different path. Only a few because this presents quite a challenge, to wit: Be innovative; attention grabbing, and optimistic… oh yes, also make it 100% original programming, please…

You think we are done? Nope. The challenge continues.

Now do all these things under “germ warfare” conditions; and do it further (Why mince words?) under societal turmoil.

Well, here’s a Saratoga County lady that is doing just that. She is generating gobs of unique content, suitable for a national audience, with a combo of new global perspectives and local “tough get” guests, sez me…

So remember that closer? The one that I’m going to tout you on?.

I’m betting big on my friend Paula Fidalgo and her latest media venture.

It’s an unqualified endorsement, actually. I think she has developed a great formula for today. I’ll call it a superior skill set adapted via Zoom, and available on YouTube.

How about a taste? OK, here’s a nice composite highlight reel…

Since this reel was put together in the last week or so, Paula has generated a LOT more content on her YouTube channel, plus the full interviews from this reel – all of which you may subscribe to…

But only do that if you want to feel better about yourself.

Paula Fidalgo

If you’re looking for doom and gloom, go somewhere else.

They’re not welcome here anymore.

And THAT’S the best news of this day.

Arthur Gonick – June 15, 2020

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