Saratoga One For All

Local Performers Unite to Raise Funds for Local Non-Profit Organizations

Graphic: REDD (Real Estate Digital Designs)

SARATOGA SPRINGS – In an effort to unite the Saratoga community in a spirit of good will, Network Saratoga LLC will present Saratoga One For All, a Facebook Live Event. One for All will air on Facebook and You Tube channels on Thursday, May 14, starting at 6pm and will be hosted by Star Radio Talent, Walt Adams.

One for All presents a warm blend of local talents singing their hearts out in support of local non-profit organizations. The evening will showcase the talents of popular solo artists who are part of the local Saratoga music scene including Rick Bolton, Jeff Brisbin, Justin Joyner, Matt McCabe, Garland Nelson, Rich Ortiz, Tim Wechgelaer and Jay Yager. Each musician, who will be performing from their home, will be paired with a Saratoga Non-profit Organization whose mission will be highlighted after the artist’s performance. One for All was created as an effort to help our local non-profits through this difficult period of time when they are called upon to meet the increased needs of our community.

“While complying with stay at home orders, I felt challenged to contribute something positive to our current situation and help in some way,” said Fran Dingeman, owner of Network Saratoga LLC.  “Inspired by the Elton John and Lady Gaga specials, I wanted to create a collaborative event that was similar but focused on our local scene. That was the genesis of One for All.”

After coming up with the concept for One for All, the other elements fell into place when Fran reached out to Peter Jones of and SAVI (Specialized Audio Visual Incorporated) to add the technical component to the live stream event. “Peter brought all the technical experience needed to bring One For All from the conceptual phase to reality. He immediately showed a passion for what I was developing and shared the local vision as well,” said Fran Dingeman.

Marci Fila of REDD (Real Estate Digital Designs) contributed the One For All logo and graphics. The Adirondack Trust Company, Star Radio and Social Radiant are proud supporters of the event.

Non-profit organizations whose work will be showcased throughout the evening include AIM Services Inc., Franklin Community Center, Saratoga Center for the Family, Shelters of Saratoga, The Prevention Council, The Saratoga Senior Center, Wellspring and The Wesley Community. The opportunity to make a donation to each of these organizations will be made available throughout the show.

After the live event, One For All will be archived on both Facebook and You Tube channels for viewing and the opportunity for ongoing donations will continue to be possible after the event. For more information, go to

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