Neighborhood Voices: Charlie Samuels’ Lens

SARATOGA SPRINGS – ((Editor’s Note: Local award-winning filmmaker/photographer Charlie Samuels took a stroll around town and a look at our new way of living.)) – AG

All photos by Charlie Samuels

“This is the first time I saw someone wearing a face mask in our city of Saratoga Springs — a clear visual sign that we are living in strange days. Joseph Bruno Pavilion in Saratoga State Park.”
I arrived at the Post Office on Broadway in Saratoga Springs disappointed that I was the only one on line since a had a shot like this in mind. But after I mailed my packages of Barkeater peanut cups to my parents, I was pleasantly surprised to see many people behind me on line. Then I kicked myself because I didn’t bring my 20mm lens as I barely fit in all with my 24mm.”
“My 7 year-old son taking his almost daily Tae Kwon Do class with Cutting Edge Martial Arts – via his iPad in Saratoga Springs NY
“My friend, a doctor/hospitalist, holding a box of n95 face masks I donated to him.”
“After more than a week of mostly hunkering down at home, my wife and I were desperate for socializing with our friends even though we were hesitant to meet our friends outside. Here are us 3 practicing social distancing on our friends’ back yard, Saratoga Springs, NY”
(Photo-illustration by Charlie Samuels/Arthur Gonick)


Charlie Samuels is a visual story warrior, a skateboarder and nobody ties their shoes quite like him.

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