World Water Day March 22

Artisanal Brew Works to partner with Saratoga PLAN 

SARATOGA SPRINGS – On March 22, famed local brewery Artisanal Brew Works and local land conservation organization Saratoga PLAN are releasing a limited-edition beer to spread awareness about water conservation in honor of World Water Day.  

“Water builds the foundation for every great beer, just as it built the foundation of historical Saratoga Springs,” said Alex Stone, Artisanal’s Director of Marketing. “Our collaboration with Saratoga PLAN is the result of our dedication to water quality, pH and the mineral content of all our beers with PLAN’s timely water conservation initiatives,” he added. 

Conservation organizations often focus on the benefits of open space, clean water, and forests for plants and animals. But they’re not the only ones reaping benefits from the preservation of natural resources. The UN’s World Water Day website explains that worldwide sanitation, healthcare, education, business and industry are all inextricably linked with water. 

Take the beer industry, for example. On average, water makes up 90 to 95 percent of the beverage. “That statistic alone says so much about the value clean water can play in the success of certain businesses,” said Alex Fylypovych, PLAN’s Community Engagement Manager. “Our intention with this collaboration is to bring awareness to the community by connecting the dots between water conservation and all of the systems that rely on it, not just nature,” she said. Fylypovych hopes for this partnership to inspire more community members to support local conservation, recognizing that their efforts are contributing to a global impact. 

“Artisanal Brew Works is excited to partner with leaders in our community who ensure that water conservation efforts remain a focus now and, in the future,” Stone said.  

Artisanal Brew Works and Saratoga PLAN invite the community to join them in the Artisanal taproom, located at 41 Geyser Rd, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, for the release party, on March 22nd from 1-5 pm. A portion of proceeds from the beer will support Saratoga County’s trusted leader in conservation, Saratoga PLAN. By purchasing 4-packs or draft pints, participants will be supporting protection of critical water resources in Saratoga County.  


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