Stewart’s Shops Mint Chip ice cream

A Big Green Scream for Mint Chip’s New Name

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The Skidmore community and fans of the College’s Division III men’s and women’s basketball teams will select a new, Skidmore-inspired name for Stewart’s Shops popular Mint Chip ice cream flavor at the upcoming Big Green Scream doubleheader.

Fans will vote by cheering for two names selected by the Skidmore community — Skid Mo’ Mint and Creative Mint Matters (a play on Skidmore’s slogan “Creative Thought Matters”) — during the Skidmore women’s basketball game against Clarkson University, which begins at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 15. The men’s team will face off against Clarkson at 4 p.m. Both games will take place in Williamson Sports Center and are open to the public. Samples of the flavor honoring Skidmore will be available between the two games. 

2/16/2018 file photos: Skidmore’s annual Big Green Scream double header basketball event. (Christopher Massa / Skidmore College)

Skidmore’s annual Big Green Scream — now in its 12th year — features in-game contests and prizes, musical performances by student groups and a winter carnival with food, games and other fun activities. 

“We were excited when Stewart’s Shops approached us with this opportunity to name an ice cream flavor for Skidmore. It has been a fun and engaging way to bring the community together while generating school spirit,” said Martha O’Leary, associate director of brand communications and marketing at Skidmore.

In the fall, members of the Skidmore community participated in tasting sessions and selected Mint Chip as the community’s favorite flavor. Students, faculty, staff and alumni were then asked to suggest creative flavor names to represent Skidmore. Other proposed names included Skidmint Chipmore, Thoroughbred Tracks and Big Green Scream.

“Stewart’s Shops and Skidmore make a great team and we hope this new ice cream will be a fan favorite campus-wide,” said Susan Dake, a 1971 Skidmore alumna and president of the Stewart’s Foundation.

(Christopher Massa / Skidmore College)

The name change will go into effect in March and be available in shops throughout Saratoga Springs and Ballston Spa. It will be available in cones and hand-packed pints at participating shops.

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