A New Home for H.O.P.E.!

New Expanded Facilities at Wilton Mall

On the Cover: Azlyn and Jill welcome everyone to H.O.P.E.s House!

WILTON – Following a triumphant Grand Opening on Sunday, January 26, H.O.P.E.’s (Homes For Orphaned Pet Exist) new adoption and education center at the Wilton Mall is open for business seven days a week:

These expanded facilities will provide the ability and space to emphasize the education offerings, as well as allowing on-site cat adoption (dogs are available by appointment, and you can browse through a photo directory of those canines currently available – like Simba here.)

As you can see, a full slate of programs is planned, and those interested are encouraged to visit H.O.P.E.’s WEBSITE or Facebook page to learn about them as they are announced.

I do have a scoop though – thanks to one of my new friends:

This would be my pal Homer, one of the friendly felines that are available to bring home. Homer excitedly rushed up to me with this flyer about a newly announced program taking place next Tuesday, that he, and the other kitty’s-in-residence, would love to meet you at:

Wendy Mongillo, H.O.P.E”s Executive Director, discusses pet marketing with Ballou

I will venture this thought: Despite H.O.P.E existing primarily on donations and VERY modest adoption fees, the animals I encountered on my visit were not only friendly, but appeared to be extremely healthy and well-fed. This is due to the fact that as H.O.P.E.’s website states:

All H.O.P.E. pets are seen by a local veterinarian prior to adoption. All animals are given appropriate medical care, including de-worming, spaying/neutering, and vaccinations, and our veterinarians will provide additional medical treatment if needed.

All these creatures lack is a loving family. Take the hint.

Arthur Gonick – February 7, 2020

H.O.P.E. can be reached by phone at 518.450.7013

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