Purple Tie Affair Ready for Takeoff!

Party Rolling Onto a New ‘Runway’

Photo: Susan Blackburn

A Purple Tie Affair, Inc. is an All-Volunteer initiative started in 2013 to increase awareness of the local challenges against cancer through an annual “Celebration of Life.” It encourages participants to join a sports endurance program (and “give back” themselves in a way that leverages their own individual giving network).  Proceeds provide annual financial assistance to individuals and charitable organizations for expenses incurred as a result of cancer treatment.  Among those supported are Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation for Pediatric Cancer and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (who in FY 2017 returned $628,031.24 in co-pay assistance to the Upstate NY/VT chapter area).

This year, Purple Tie Affair 2020 has a new location!

Recently renovated, the Hangar at 743, the Capital Region’s best kept secret, is beautifully decorated with authentic airplane parts, featuring furniture and fixtures inspired by the airline industry. Additionally, one of the vintage Warbirds from the Hangar’s collection creates a stunning backdrop.

The Hangar’s 10,000 square-feet will be glowing with purple, including the exclusive VIP area on the second floor, overlooking the entire event.

The Hangar at 743 is conveniently located on the Albany Airport’s runway is in close proximity to dozens of hotels.

The Accents will be back!

Even though the venue is new, many of the elements that made A Purple Tie Affair so much fun will be returning. Leading Capital Region band The Accents will once again be providing the soundtrack, with great food and beverage in abundance.

Get your tickets HERE, and fasten your seat belts for a rocking good time!

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