Past is Prologue

The Saratoga Springs History Museum Gala – December 6, 2019

SARATOGA SPRINGS – {Editor’s note: Hearty congratulations to Dave Patterson – who richly deserved his induction into the Saratoga Springs Historical Society’s Hall of Fame at this event!} – AG

Photos: Cathy Duffy

It happened just the other day…

A product of modern time – a Facebook “memory” – as opposed to actual memory – popped up. A random reminder about something that happened one/two/five years ago, whenever.

(And, please, don’t tell me that you don’t know what I’m talking about! Let’s face it: You probably came to this page from Facebook, or it’s your next stop – or both…)

Usually, when I get these, I go ‘how nice’ to myself and move on… My personal preference being: To live my life in real-time.

But if there is to be a celebration of the past, let it be this one. The rich history of Saratoga Springs doesn’t need me to tout it – it is near universally revered and loved, as evidenced by the gathering, which swells each year, for the Saratoga Springs’ History Museum Holiday Gala. This year’s iteration was last Friday, December 6 at The Canfield Casino – which houses the Museum, with all of its swanky gambling apparatus, assorted ghosts and other artifacts.

At last Friday’s gathering, I had a vision of a golden age. In attendance were authors, bankers, business owners and civic leaders. Also, perhaps, a few gangsters, and certainly several candidates for the role of “gun moll” (ask Greg Veitch if the term is not familiar) – but I digress… The point is: History begins with the actual moment – it starts today.

And it is not a great stretch to say that future generations will honor our time with the same reverence that we celebrate our heritage.

We look to the past for perspective and prologue – yet it is important to remember that History is made today – and every day. It is my honor to share this history with good friends old and new, colleagues and partners in various endeavors, as an age that will long be remembered. Enjoy this gallery of photos by Cathy Duffy.

Original writing by Arthur Gonick – December 12, 2017 – Updated 12/11/2019

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