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Roy Orbison & Buddy Holly’s “The Rock ’N’ Roll Dream Tour” Comes To Albany On November 15th

{{{Editor’s Note: Yes, we are a Saratoga-based blog – but the closest this show is coming to us is at The Egg in Albany. It looks pretty wild; some choice tickets remain for Friday’s show – AG }}}

ALBANY – For the first time in history, multiple GRAMMY® Award winners and Rock and Roll Hall Of Famers Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly will share the stage as part of the groundbreaking Roy Orbison & Buddy Holly: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Dream Tour. The trek will stop in Albany on November 15th at The Egg – Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets, $55- $65 (plus applicable fees) available at The Egg Box Office, or 518-473-1845. To find more information, go to

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Dream Tour is the brainchild of leading technology purveyor BASE Hologram. It brings to life two iconic artists, accompanied by a live band and backup singers to perform songs from two of the greatest song catalogues in history. Both Orbison and Holly’s holograms interact adeptly both with the musicians on stage, as well as the audience, using innovative digital and laser technology to create an immersive experience. The duo’s 16 platinum and 19 gold records, 10 GRAMMY Awards and nearly two dozen Top 40 hits including seminal tracks “Peggy Sue,” “Not Fade Away,” “That’ll Be The Day,” “Cryin’,” “Only The Lonely,” and “You Got It” will highlight the groundbreaking live concert event.

BASE Hologram Performance by ‘Roy Orbison’

A virtual who’s who of the world’s greatest musicians have long credited Orbison and/or Holly with their impact of both their own careers and on the artform. Of Orbison, Bruce Springsteen recalls “Roy had the ability to sound like he dropped in from another planet and yet get the stuff that was right to the heart of what you were livin’ in today. Everybody knows that nobody sings like Roy Orbison.”

Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison’s musical influence can be heard in the music of some of the most successful musicians of all time. Paul McCartney admits, “At least the first 40 songs we [The Beatles] wrote were Buddy Holly influenced.”

BASE Hologram Performance by ‘Buddy Holly’

Bob Dylan even credited Holly in his Nobel Prize speech, calling him “the archetype… everything I wasn’t and wanted to be.”

“Buddy and Roy were Texans who shared a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s creative musical genius and brilliant songwriting abilities,” said Buddy’s wife Maria Elena Holly. “Their long-time fans and a new generation of fans will now have the opportunity to see these great legends perform together in a unique setting, showcasing two of the finest, most influential, and beloved artists in music history.”

Roy Orbison, Jr., President of Roy Orbison Music adds “How beyond cool and special that these two great friends now get to tour the world together.”

About BASE Hologram

Based in Los Angeles, CA, BASE Hologram develops, produces, and distributes live entertainment and location-based productions worldwide that combine holographic cinema and mixed reality with live entertainment. These productions utilize breath-taking state-of-the-art holographic digital and laser technology and expert theatrical stagecraft to showcase artists, icons and celebrities as well as historical figures and fictional and animated characters in photorealistic, 3-D productions, performing on stage with live musicians, singers, and performers, enabling audiences to connect dynamically with the content in live settings. For more information please visit

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