1st Person: The Tequila Traveler

One With Life’s Lisa Elovich Takes Us Along On Her Journey

On the Cover: Lisa Elovich (at right, holding bottle) with other entrepreneurs from the Albany and Saratoga chapters of the Women’s President’s Association at The Cottage at Mirror Lake Inn, Lake Placid

{{Editor’s Note: During one of my recent conversations with the extremely interesting Lisa Elovich, President and Founder of One With Life Organic Tequila (OWL), she described her travel itinerary for an upcoming week that would take her from end to end of New York State to promote her brand. I asked her if she would chronicle her travels for us with words and photos.

Note well that this is a typical week for Lisa: she has brand ambassadors here in Saratoga and other points throughout the country, which frees her up for travel to interesting points of call, spreading the gospel of OWL. This week, she became a ‘One-woman I Love NY’ as you will see.}} – AG


Mirror Lake

LAKE PLACID (Wednesday October 23rd) – “On Monday and Tuesday, I prepared for my travels by working with the OWL team, doing back office work, account calls, team meetings and packing!

“The purpose of this leg of the journey was to conduct a tasting and educational seminar on tequila for the Women’s President Organization (WPO) Albany and Saratoga chapters. This event was held at the beautiful Mirror Lake Inn’s Cottage Restaurant.

“The views of Mirror Lake were both breathtaking and serene. Totally the One With Life vibe!  The drive up to Lake Placid was beautiful and relaxing with foliage that was mesmerizing. 

Bonny Boyce, President of WPO
This is what serene looks like!

“After having a productive and scenic time in Lake Placid, I am now on Amtrak heading to the Guy Stanley Philoche exhibit at the Cavalier Gallery.   This is OWL’s first collaboration with an artist’s show, and I look forward to doing more events to support the arts.  Our desire to cross promote in this area is aligned with the One With Life philosophy which believes that art and music nourish our souls.  Art also fosters creativity and allows us to feel joy that goes beyond our logic and thinking.  When we are in that state, we become ‘one with life!'” 


MANHATTAN (Thursday, October 24) –

Come Fly With Me
Paintings by Guy Stanley Philoche
Featuring Photographs by Udo Spreitzenbarth
Hosted by Ronald Cavalier at Cavalier Gallery, 3 W 57th St 

With Artist Guy Stanley Philoche

“Well, this is certainly the opposite extreme from Lake Placid! The night was filled with artists, actors, art collectors, models and lots of eccentric characters. 

“It was so exciting to have them rush the OWL table and taste our Cucumber Lychee Margarita made with cold pressed cucumber juice, fresh lime juice and, of course, OWL Organic Tequila.   It was very well received by this high end crowd. It felt like our little country OWL was making its red carpet Manhattan debut!

At right, Gallery Owner Ronald Cavalier with guest

“The paintings by Guy Stanley Philoche and photography by Udo Spreitzenbarth were incredible.  They drew a huge crowd of over 500 people. One thing was for sure – art loving people love their tequila!”


SARATOGA SPRINGS (Friday – Saturday, October 25-26)- “It has been a long, but fun week, traveling from one end of the state to the other, and then back to my home in Saratoga Springs. I’m home for the entire weekend, and I made the most of it.

Owners Sean and Katie Kane.
Featured Cocktails:
Blood Orange Margarita, Apple Cider Margarita and Cucumber Lime Margarita

“On Friday, I celebrated the Kane Family’s 5th anniversary of their boutique liquor store, Kane’s Fine Wines.  I personally did the sampling as a thank you to this lovely family for their support of my local brand.  It was very well attended by their loyal customers, friends and other family members.  They put out a spread, were there to greet everyone, and invited other local spirits and wine vendors to partake in their celebration.

“I made some new tequila friends, and got to chat with people about their journey.

“Afterwards, I had dinner with some friends at the new Tatu restuarant across the street.  I had delicious vegan tostadas and The Dove Paloma cocktail made with One With Life Organic Tequila. A great meal!

Tatu Restaurant Owners Kareem and Jennyfur

“On Saturday, October 26th, I participated in the Principessa Elena Pub Crawl. The crawl is something I look forward to doing with my fellow Club members every year. This was the 4th annual Principessa crawl sponsored by OWL.

Principessa Elena Pub Crawlers at Three Vines Bistro

“The crawl started at noon at Principessa Elena with spiked cider and a shot of OWL. Participating restaurants included:  Three Vines Bistro, Embassy Suites, Dizzy Chicken, West Side Sports Bar, and Barrelhouse. At the end, we all head back to the Club for music, dinner, and dancing.

“This is the epitome of being One With Life, because everyone puts away their phones and just enjoys time with their friends and community.  Lots of laughs and stories, and of course… lots of tequila!  Celebrating with a great group of people whom have always been supportive of me and other local business owners.

Trivia teams were set up to answer questions in between each stop. The winner of the contest received a gift certificate to Barrel House. The winning team also received faux pearls and a bottle of OWL Organic Tequila as well as bragging rights at the Club for a year!

“I get a “real” day off tomorrow (Sunday) and then back at it. It will be Halloween week, and i’ll be flying with OWL to events from Long Island to Florida, while my team covers events for me here. Things can get hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Lisa Elovich

Lisa Elovich, currently President and Founder of One With Life Organic Tequila, is a former Manhattan assistant district attorney, NYS deputy attorney general, administrative law judge for Office of Children & Family Services, Commissioner of the NYS Board of Parole, life coach, professional boxing promoter and most importantly, mom of two children. She launched One With Life Organic Tequila (OWL) in July 2015.

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