Which Craft?

An Immersive Halloween Gallery

Masters of the Immersive Universe: Stephanie Dopilka Markowich, Nicole Coady, Jonathan Albert.
Photos: Cathy Duffy

SARATOGA SPRINGS – So let me stir the cauldron a little bit…

The first thing to note is that these photos did, in fact, get taken a few weeks ago. On October 3 to be exact. And yet, there is no more appropriate day to release Cathy Duffy’s fine work here to my readers; or alternatively – afford you an opportunity to enjoy them again – on the day they were meant for.

Didn’t you hear about saving for a rainy (Holi)day? Happy Halloween everyone!

The second thing is a cheeky statement of support. I was skeptical in the beginning about the whole ‘immersive’ thing, but, through observing Nicole Coady’s presentations of Fairie Tales and Ballet Galas. and, on this night, an immersive rendition of that age-old battle of good…

vs. evil…

… with a couple of human sacrifices, sword duels and disco kings thrown in for spice in that cauldron’s stew – well, I became a true believer.

And I state without any hedging or qualifying that whatever SPAC and Radial Arts paid Nicole and her crew to do these events it was worth every penny! Probably more.

In each case, the attendance was massive, and the attendee’s collective reaction has been jaw-dropping terrific – each and every time.

I believe that these creatives have many more tricks and treats in store for you. One of which we will touch upon – but first, let us peruse a family-sized gallery of the proceedings. In this case, the family might sometimes be the Addams Family, and hopefully not the Manson Family too often.

Insert evil laugh and enjoy!

Gallery: Tricks and Treats for Everyone!


And so, next up for this bunch is a take on Dickens – specifically A Christmas Carol on December 15:

Now, normally I get nauseous about talking Christmas before we have even finished All Saint’s Day, let alone be done sharing that famous Sarah Palin Turkey You Tube with all the trimmings, but in this case I will make an exception, because I respect the acumen of those involved. The details follow with a link below.

Visit Charles Dickens’ historic Victorian mansion for a very merry Christmas experience! The ghost of Christmas past will lead you on an immersive journey into The Christmas Carol. You’ll enjoy fine ale, wine, spiced cider, Christmas carols in the parlor and watch variations from the School of the Arts’ Nutcracker. Tiny tots can warm their bellies with hot cocoa and listen to holiday stories read to them by the real life Snow White & Rose Red of the Amazon TV series, The Adventures of Snow White & Rose Red.

A portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit the Saratoga Springs History Museum. This is truly a fun event for the entire family to enjoy!

Purchase your tickets HERE.

So lucky you! You get both your trick and treat today; and don’t have to venture outside in the rain for either… Happy Halloween!

Arthur Gonick – October 30, 2019

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