Rebuilding Together 16th Annual Dinner

Thursday, October 24 – Hall of Springs

Volunteers of the Year: Presbyterian New England Congregational Church (Two Tables Strong!)
Community Partner Award: Stewart’s Shops / Dake Family
Honored Guest Brooke Lacey, introduced by Rebuilding Together Saratoga County’s Michelle Larkin

{{Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story shortchanged this group. I originally wrote that this was the tenth annual dinner; in fact – it was the SIXTEENTH! Good for them; mea culpa for me…}} – AG

! SARATOGA SPRINGS – Ambitious goals defined. Ambitious goals achieved.

That is what people packed the Hall of Springs to celebrate – for the sixteenth consecutive year – at Rebuilding Together Saratoga County’s Annual Dinner.

The numbers do not lie. Before we get to the rest of this celebratory gallery, digest these statistics:

When it comes to achievement, numbers always speak louder than words. As do photos in this case as well. Enjoy the gallery.

Gallery: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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