Big Deals on Hot Wheels!

SAM’s Auto Auction Wrap-up Gallery

SARATOGA SPRINGS – {{Editor’s Note: Cathy Duffy covered the Saratoga Auto Auction from gavel to gavel, over the weekend of September 19-22. From Thursday Evening’s VIP welcome dinner, Friday and Saturday’s auction action, to Sunday’s drawing for a sweet 2017 Maserati Ghibli.

In so doing, she compiled a gallery of the proceedings that leaves everything else in the dust! Let’s ride along with her as she cruises around – snaps, and comments on some highlights. – AG}}

These are some of the over 250 volunteers that worked so hard! A great group of folks that were all auto enthusiasts.
More volunteers: These folks clean the cars before going on stage and push the cars on stage. Most of the cars are driveable, but to keep the fumes from setting fire alarms off, they get pushed on and /off the stage.
Still more volunteers check in cars. This baby is a 1953 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 that sold for $53,900!
Lots of interest as Mayor Meg Kelly (r) helped Saratoga Auto Museum Executive Director Carly Connors draw the Mazerati winner on Sunday. The lucky winners were…
Manny Drivas and Susan Horton of Marlboro, NY! The couple was also celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.
Honored guests at the 2019 event: Judy Stropus, Bob Varsha and David Hobbs

Now in its third year, the Saratoga Auto Auction’s proceeds support the Saratoga Automobile Museum’s distracted driving safety program, an initiative that reaches more than 15,000 high school students across the Capital Region each year. This program is more crucial than ever, as young drivers are tempted with the allure of the screen while their eyes should be focused on the road at all times.

And keep your eyes focused on this slideshow – coming right at you! VRROOOOOM!

Slideshow: The Third Annual Saratoga Auto Auction

Edited: Arthur Gonick – September 28, 2019

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