Croquet On This Day Sent The Blues Far Away!

On the Cover: Even from beyond 3-point range, the technique was apparent. These folks all came to play!

Benefiting AIM Services Inc. and The Power of Potential in All of Us – Tuesday August 6

WILTON – Well, let’s just say that there was a lot going on…

… all over the place. Call it simultaneous sensory stimulation…

… bright sunshine pushing away the threat of rain. Blue skies for everyone. Gavin Park on Tuesday afternoon, August 6, was a tribute to the power of potential and individual expression unleashed.

Whether you danced, swung a croquet mallet, got your face painted or liberally sampled some Deliciously Different food and beverage; whether you hula-hooped, photo-boothed, smoked a cigar, or maybe just hung out and took it all in; or any combination of the above, the common element on this day was the freedom to express yourself as a unique individual.

Not to stand out, but to be celebrated for your uniqueness!

This is what AIM Services, Inc. provides for their clients. Not just on one Tuesday afternoon – but every day:

“Through community based services, advocacy, and education, dedicated professionals focus on supporting people in achieving their personal goals, while promoting a sense of self-confidence and independence.” – Source:

As always, a beautiful thing to see. Enjoy the gallery.

Gallery: Croquet on the Green – August 6, 2019

(Click on any picture to start the carousel)

Arthur Gonick – August 8, 2019

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