HellCat Maggie’s CD Release

“Scratching the Surface” Parting Glass Saturday

Hot Off the Press – Available Saturday – $10

SARATOGA SPRINGS – High energy Celtic Rockers HellCat Maggie is scheduled to pounce upon the stage at the Parting Glass (40-42 Lake Ave.) this Saturday, July 27, at 8:30 pm, to celebrate the release of their new CD “Scratching the Surface.”

Speaking of which, let’s scratch the surface of the new release a little bit ourselves, and offer you a sneak peek sample track, courtesy of the band (and which will go a long way towards answering that standard, yet sophomoric music writer question: “Gee, how did you come up with your name?”)

‘HellCat’s’ Celtic Anthem power has inspired dancing at perennially leading Irish music houses throughout the region. In The 12866, that translates to the Glass and also Harvey’s (where they have additional prime dates scheduled – see below) and also at the blowout Irish2000 Festival, where they’ve scored another prime time spot this year (try Saturday evening – 5:30 pm!)

So, this seven-piece group has built up a lot of credits. Step into the time machine for a look back at them in action, at a previous Irish2000:

Given their venue resume’ I would expect that there will be an excellent Saturday night crowd at the Glass for this. Yet, in some ways, I classify this as a ‘tout’ to you readers – in the sense that I still regard this group as ‘comers’ – with a pretty high ceiling still to scratch their way up to….

Saturday’s release could be the springboard that gets that big leap going.

If so, that would be a pretty good tout. And one I am glad to share. Without reservation.

Arthur Gonick – July 23, 2019

HellCat Maggie

CD Release – Saturday, July 27 – 8:30 pm

The Parting Glass – 40-42 Lake Ave., 12866


Parting Glass – Friday, August 23rd

Irish 2000 – Saturday, September 14th 5:50pm

Harvey’s – Saturday, September 28th

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