Catherine Doubles Down!

New Palette Cafe Opens with Fanfare and Flair!

SARATOGA SPRINGS – On a bright warm afternoon (Wednesday, June 5). a large crowd swelled the sidewalks outside 493 Broadway to celebrate the launch of a new jewel in downtown Saratoga Springs – The Palette Cafe’.

During the ribbon-cutting proceedings (see the gallery which follows,) Todd Shimkus, president of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce told the festive attendees that Owner Catherine Hover was to be saluted because she “… had doubled-down on Saratoga,” a reference to her other successful business in town – Saratoga Paint + Sip (80 Henry Street.)

Catherine and her husband Mark had opened Saratoga Paint + Sip in April of 2012. The first of it’s kind in the Capital Region, in short order it created such a mania among people desiring to summon up their ‘inner Van Gogh’s,’ that it soon spawned other locations in Latham and Burlington, Vermont.

Catherine Hover

A couple of days before all the Grand Opening whoop-de-doop, I was delighted to be invited to visit with Catherine and explore her new place.

Which took some time, as it appeared that at every nook and cranny, everywhere you turned, you saw another hand-selected decor item…

Indeed, calling this eclectic is damning with faint praise. I think we have a new genre here – perhaps WomanCave Chic – where everyone can feel comfortable…

It takes a certain type of spirit and energy to be a successful entrepreneur, and the alchemy of Catherine’s arrival in Saratoga Springs (in April, 2011) seemed to awaken something in her, as prior to this she had always worked for someone else. “I never did well with authority,” she said, laughing.

She noted that both Palette and Paint + Sip came about as a result of that entrepreneurial credo of “find a need and fill it.” In the case of Palette, “I, of course, could always use another coffee shop to go to,” she said, smiling.

Of course, this is a coffee shop with a twist. Make that a couple of twists…

… like a liquor license and wine to go with their Kru coffee, gourmet teas, Junior’s cheesecake (as the menu says: ‘ the one and only cheesecake we should ever consume’), small bite plates and a slew of ‘grab +gos.’ (See the entire menu at

All this menu talk was making us both hungry! So, how about a little snack?

While I enjoyed a delicious raspberry scone (eaten so fast that, alas, no pic), I asked Catherine to tout my readers on some of her favorite menu choices, that you might try on your next visit (did i mention that they are open 8 am – 8 pm every lovely day?)

Now, bear in mind that multi-tasking Catherine is also carrying a child at the moment, so her favorite Rose’ will have to remain on the shelf for a while longer; but when asked what her first post-partum cocktail will be, it was apparent that she had given this some prior thought, as she answered with lightning speed: “Aurora!”

Aah, yes. That would be a “blissful dream cocktail, comprised of Vodka, lavender, lemonade and a spritz.” But for those similarly blessed, Catherine recommends the “Ruby” off the full array of “Mocktails” – in this case, Ruby is a combo of extremely healthy “Rooibos tea and a smidge of sass” for fizz.

With or without in vitro, she also recommends the Cheese Biscuit plate, complete with homemade honey butter and jam. Any of the Kru coffees offered are special, but Catherine invites you to enjoy the ‘Palette FroCo,’ which is their extra version of frappe goodness.

But really, there are an array of great choices in all categories. And I pledge to you that I intend to enjoy every one of them!

And that’s because of the owner. Even though I hardly hit her target demo (in several categories, LOL), Catherine Hover is quite easy to root for and support.

And, the many people who came to the ribbon-cutting apparently agree. So enjoy the gallery, and congratulations!

Arthur Gonick – June 10, 2019

Palette Cafe Ribbon Cutting – Thursday, June 5, 2019

The Palette Cafe is open 7 days from 8 am – 8 pm at 493 Broadway. 518.450.1529

One Reply to “Catherine Doubles Down!”

  1. I stopped by the Palette Cafe and met Catherine… what a gracious host! It’s a fabulous spot with really, great energy! I will be a loyal visitor!
    Best of luck, but I know you will crush it!
    – Karen Gregory, ED
    Shelters of Saratoga, Inc.

    Liked by 1 person

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