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SARATOGA SPRINGS – When I first started blogging daily about 2 1/2 years ago, I wrote down and published my first post about what I wanted to achieve. I called it a “Statement of Purpose,” with the subhead: Or, what the hell am I doing?

Today, I ‘renew those vows,’ as it were… while some things have to be updated to reflect 2019 realities, and the passage of time  – the same overall philosophy that was true for me then, remains the same today.

The 12866 is not meant to be ‘comprehensive,’ but perhaps, the best news you read today.

Perhaps. I read a ton of stuff, every day – and so should you, my friend.

And yet I pledge that the 12866 will offer unique views and accent spotlights, upon a zip code we all share, and the people who live in it. 

Of this, I have no doubt.

This is a very unique city, not just unique for Upstate New York, not just unique for the USA, but one-of-a-kind unique. Period.

My dispatches to come, as well as my outstanding contributors, should reflect a grasp of the twists and turns of life,  that have led us to call this home for decades. But we don’t put blinders on either. 

Ultimately, we intend to put our best effort forward.

Our best effort to jazz you up. To make you emote, and react. 

And always, to look for the best news of the day. 


Arthur Gonick – June 1, 2019


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